The Real Lynn Mapp

04 Apr

Lynn Mapp’s Idaho roots go as far back as the 1870’s, before Idaho became the 43rd state.  She is a third generation Idahoan, sort of.  Her grandfather was born in southeastern Idaho in the early 1900’s.  Her mother was born in Pocatello.  Lynn was born in California, but…she made up for that lapse.  Her three sons were born in Idaho.

After a one week courtship, Lynn accepted a wedding proposal from Jerome Mapp.  Despite this wild beginning, they have been married for a long, long, long, long…you get the point, time.  Let’s just say they got married in the 1970’s and leave it at that.

Lynn and Jerome had three sons.  Adam was born in Pocatello.  Russell and Andrew were born in Boise.  Russell spent many years annoying his older brother by saying, “My name is Russell.  I come from Boise,” over and over until Adam wanted to punch him.

Lynn was one of those parents who hovered, but not too closely.  Her sons grew up.  Adam followed the family tradition and graduated from Idaho State.  He married his college sweetheart, Nicole.  Russell graduated from Williamette University.  Let’s say he lived life with too much abandon.  He died in 2009.  Lynn’s heart was broken.  She struggles daily to deal with this loss.  Her youngest son, Andrew took state in the 300 meter hurdles.  Andrew and Russell were two years apart.  He was devastated by his brother’s death.  Andrew plans to return to college in the fall.  He coaches track and lives in Boise.

Lynn and graduated from Idaho State University with a major in sociology and a minor in history.  She began her teaching career in Pocatello.  She has taught grades K through 5.  Her favorite grade is the one she is teaching.  All of her students are “Lynn’s Diamonds.”

Lynn writes romance because she loves the fairy tale ending, and they live happily ever after.  She knows real life is a lot more complicated, but…she still likes the thought.

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