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Writing and Weight Watchers

There’s a saying we use at WW. It’s “pick your hard.” It’s hard being overweight, it’s hard losing weight, and it’s hard keeping it off. So…pick your hard. Writing is the same way. It’s hard not being published, it’s hard getting published, and it’s hard getting another contract.

As a dedicated writer, I spend a lot of time with my backside in a chair (I have a friend who can actually write on a treadmill. She’s very talented.). I try to get as much exercise as I can, but with work, family and writing, my schedule fills up fast. Since buying a whole new wardrobe is a lot more expensive than joining Weight Watchers, I did the economical thing. What I didn’t expect was getting writing advice at a WW.

We use all sorts of motivating tools. People who reach their goal—be it weight or writing—aren’t perfect; they’re persistent. It’s the old, “hang in there until the end.” It’s been said so many times it’s a cliché, but clichés are clichés for a reason. Those who persevere reach their goals. I don’t get all my inspiration from WW. Thomas Jefferson is one of my favorites, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” Wow, they knew it even back then.

If you trip, don’t throw yourself off a cliff. Catch your balance and keep going. You ate a candy bar for lunch…okay, two candy bars and a giant soda… but don’t jump off that cliff and have cake for dinner. Acknowledge the oops! Bust out the salad and move back toward your goal.

Writing is the same. Every time you trip, find out why and fix it. Enter lots of contests, but only the ones where they give feedback. When you don’t do well, take a look at why, and repair the problem. Then, send it out again to see if the solution works. Just keep pluggin’ along.

My biggest problem isn’t eating too much, it’s getting enough exercise. My brain gets tired from writing and I have a tendency to want to take a nap (Confession: I love a good nap.). I’ve found if I curl up on the couch for twenty minutes, I’m there for an hour.

I find a better option is to go for a walk. (You don’t have to do five miles. Around the block will do for starters.). With a walk, my backside doesn’t expand, and miraculously, my brain is more alert than if I’d given into the siesta urge.

My afternoon is a lot more productive with a little activity. I used to wear a pedometer, until the day it said I took 62,000 steps. By my calculations, that’s almost 30 miles. Trust me, the pedometer had a nervous breakdown. If you take 10,000 steps per day, you’ll lose weight (For those of you keeping track, that’s about 4.7 miles. That I can do.). My resolution
for this weekend is to get a new pedometer. My goal: more steps and more pages per day. If I stay after them both, I’ll be happier, healthier, and published.

I’m not going to give up on either goal. I want to walk more, weigh less, and see my name in print.

It all comes down to motivation. What gets you going, what keeps you going, and hanging in for the long haul. So pick your hard and go for it.


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