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Finding Some Time

Finding the time to write is a challenge for almost every writer I know. Most of us don’t have the luxury of doing it on a full time basis. It takes some resourcefulness but if you put your mind to it, you can usually pick out a few times during the day that you can squeeze in a little creativity. This may mean sitting down to type, jotting down some ideas in a notebook or even just taking advantage of a few moments to mull some ideas over in your mind.

Always keep a pen and paper handy so you will be prepared when an opportunity presents itself. It may be while you’re waiting at an appointment, in the pick-up line at school or during soccer practice. While it might seem that the only spare minute you have in a day is while sitting at a red light, I don’t encourage utilizing this time for writing or daydreaming.

There are other less obvious possibilities too.  For example, you could have your child write with you. Keep them busy by setting them up with paper and colored pencils to explore their own creative side.

I’ve even heard of writers that plot ideas out with a dry erase marker while in the shower. Now that’s ingenuity.

Also, don’t be afraid to say no. Treat your writing time like you would any other job. Set aside time for it and make it a priority. It’s not easy but with a little perseverance and schedule tweaking it can be done. It helps to remind yourself often of how good it feels when you’ve taken the time to write. Every little bit helps you move closer to the ultimate goal of finishing that book.

Where do you squeeze in some writing time?


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