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Trick or Treat!

All Hallow’s Eve

A spooky night

When creatures come

To give a fright

They like to

Slither and to sneak

and often ask

“Trick or Treat?”

The little ones

With eyes so wide

Creep cautiously

And even hide

The older ones

Are braver still

And venture forth

To the Haunted Mill

With giggles, screams

Some blood and gore

They seek each house

For treats galore

The eveningĀ ends

Tiny feet like lead

We’re home now


It’s time for bed?!!

Not my best poem, but still fitting for my little kiddos. Tomorrow will be filled with treats and fun events at school. An afternoon of trick or treating at the local businesses and then an evening of more trick or treating. It’s a day and evening just ripe for a good imagination.

What do you do to celebrate? Does Halloween ever spark a story line or two?


Posted by on October 31, 2012 in Idaho


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