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Do your characters have issues?

It’s human nature to have issues. It’s part of what makes us human.

Incidents happen in our childhood that we carry with us. It could be something as simple as your mother smoothing your eyebrows every morning to make certain you look “perfect”. Or it could be something more intense like your family surviving a house fire with nothing but the clothes on your backs.

As an adult, maybe each morning you stare into the mirror trying to find anything out of place. Maybe everything has to be “just so” in your house. Maybe you can’t stand flames as a result of the childhood trauma. Candles are absolutely forbidden.

Through the years other events/people/traumas happen that also help shape the people we are today. It’s what makes us each so unique and intriguing.

And it is so important in our writing when we are creating our characters. To add that third and fourth dimension to them.To make them as unique as we are and to allow our readers to relate to our characters.

Some of my favorite characters from movies and books have absolutely crazy issues. I love the sharks from “Finding Nemo” who are in a self help group to keep them from eating other fish. Sookie Stackhouse from the novels by Charlaine Harris can read minds which has always set her apart from both the human and the non-human characters. Indiana Jones had a whole host of issues from commitment to an intense dislike of snakes.

These are the things that draw us to these characters. The things that keep us buying the next book in the series and adding the movie to our home collection. The characters aren’t perfect. They are human and they are flawed and we love them and cheer them on.

Do you have any favorite characters? What issues do your characters have?



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